Kendall Brogdon picture
Kendall Brogdon
Dorian Modly picture
Dorian Modly
Ellie Lyons picture
Ellie Lyons
Vice President
Abigail Crocco picture
Abigail Crocco
Hannah Quire picture
Hannah Quire
Gina Arconti picture
Gina Arconti
Member Educator
Christen Piccioni picture
Christen Piccioni
Panhellenic Delegate
Megan Scharner picture
Megan Scharner
Alumnae Relations
Casey Kelly picture
Casey Kelly
Personnel Chair
Hailey McCormick picture
Hailey McCormick
RIF Chair
Amy Ferira picture
Amy Ferira
Recruitment Chair
Rianna Dawson picture
Rianna Dawson
Director of Career Development
Quinlan Mewborne picture
Quinlan Mewborne
Director of Campus Activities
Olivia Hooker picture
Olivia Hooker
Director of Friendship/Social
StCyr Luttmer picture
StCyr Luttmer
Director of Programming
Emma Chimera picture
Emma Chimera
Director of Sisterhood
Lulu Heinle picture
Lulu Heinle
Foundation Ambassador
Ava Bruffey picture
Ava Bruffey
Facility Manager
Blair Roughen picture
Blair Roughen
Facility Manager
Taylor Stoia picture
Taylor Stoia
Facility Manager
Hailey McCormick picture
Hailey McCormick
Recruitment Team Member
Lee Muthig picture
Lee Muthig
Ritual Advisor