Jadyn McDonough picture
Jadyn McDonough
Kara Lucchesi picture
Kara Lucchesi
Vice President
Riley Fogler picture
Riley Fogler
Hannah Johnson picture
Hannah Johnson
Abby Romosca picture
Abby Romosca
Member Educator
Olivia Grant picture
Olivia Grant
Personnel Chair
Audrey Davis picture
Audrey Davis
Recruitment Chair
Charlotte Anderson picture
Charlotte Anderson
Panhellenic Delegate
Lara Zwiebel picture
Lara Zwiebel
Marketing Director
Tallulah Darrach picture
Tallulah Darrach
Director of Programming
Ashley Bellotte picture
Ashley Bellotte
Social Events Director
Claire Payne picture
Claire Payne
Sisterhood Director
Kate Pelkey picture
Kate Pelkey
Campus Activities Director
Rachel Strieber picture
Rachel Strieber
Career and Personal Development Director
Gabby Brewer picture
Gabby Brewer
Alumnae Relations Chair
Tori Kucharski picture
Tori Kucharski
Foundation Ambassador
Lauren Coffman picture
Lauren Coffman
Briana Leuth picture
Briana Leuth
Facility Manager
Sophie Campbell picture
Sophie Campbell
Facility Manager
Charlotte Langill picture
Charlotte Langill
RIF Chair
Charlotte Langill picture
Charlotte Langill
Recruitment Team Member
Gabby Brewer picture
Gabby Brewer
Community Service Director