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Eta Gamma leaders make their mark

The start of the Spring 2019 semester marks a historic time for the Eta Gamma chapter of Chi Omega. Each year, the chapter elects women to fill ten roles on the executive board, with the option for other members to apply for the College Panhellenic Association (CPA) executive team. This year, Chi Omega took major strides in leaving a lasting legacy both in our chapter and in the Carolina greek community by putting two phenomenal women in vital leadership roles.

Tyra Moss, a junior Public Health major, was elected to serve as Eta Gamma’s chapter president for the 2019 year. Tyra’s intelligence and poise landed her the opportunity to serve a chapter of roughly 310 women, and she is making history as the first african american to serve as chapter president of any CPA sorority at the University of South Carolina. On being slated to her new role, Tyra says,

“Being elected as president of our chapter is the greatest honor I have ever had. To know our members trust and believe that I can lead this chapter is a wonderful feeling. This year, I hope to continue making our chapter the best it can be! Being able to serve this chapter in such an impactful way is life changing.”

Not only does Eta Gamma have a solid foundation of leaders on our own executive board, but we also are well represented within CPA leadership. Christen Picconi, a junior Hospitality Management major, now acts as president of the CPA Executive Board. The CPA governs all 13 panhellenic sororities at USC and is comprised of women from various chapters. After serving as Chi Omega’s Panhellenic Delegate for a year, Christen realized she wanted to get further involved with the broader greek community. Here’s a glimpse of Christen’s journey to her new role:

“In 2018, I was Chi Omega's Panhellenic Delegate. It was an eye-opening experience that piqued my interest and drove my curiosity every day. In 2019, I was welcomed into the role of Panhellenic President with overwhelming amount of support from my Chi Omega sisters and from my Panhellenic sisters that I had formed deep relationships with during my time as Delegate.

This position has shown me that I am capable of things I would have never imagined. I have been molded into a strong, confident young woman who has the privilege of representing 4,000+ women who are inspiring, empowering, and compassionate. I have built relationships and life long bonds with women and men across all councils and I have formed memories that truly have contributed so much to my college experience. I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity to lead the Panhellenic Community and not only am I a proud Chi Omega, but I am a proud Panhellenic woman.”

Eta Gamma is immensely proud of both these young women who represent our chapter and our values so well. Here's to a fantastic 2019 year!